Our recycled material, including items such as milk jugs and detergent bottles, originates from all over North America. Once it is received, it is processed into a clean, usable flake form. We use a unique process that we have developed and improved on for over twenty years.


The flakes are then carefully screened, tested, and blended to obtain the desired quality and consistency. Carbon black color is added which provides UV protection to increase the durability and longevity of the containers.


This specially formulated blend of material is then ready to run through our machines to produce HPP “Engineered for Strength” nursery containers. Every effort is put forth to ensure the highest quality product is achieved.


We welcome comments and suggestions as we move forward with this important program. Please direct all questions and comments to Marty Thomas at 336-547-3956 or via e-mail address at


Haviland Plastics is proud to be the leader in Recycling Technology. Our facility, located in Haviland, Ohio, addresses the need to recycle HDPE #2 material. This re-cycled material is gathered from post-consumer and post-industrial feed stocks, often comprised of milk jugs, detergent bottles, shampoo bottles, and yes even used nursery containers. The use of recycled material creates a global green environment that both protects and preserves Mother Earth while manufacturing superior-quality nursery containers for the green industry. Our black HPP nursery containers are made of this recycled material. With our unique recycling program, we are successfully diverting over 30 million plus pounds of plastic waste from going to our overburdened landfills each year.

We, at Haviland Plastics, are striving to close the environmental loop in crafting our plastic containers for the Horticulture industry.


The HPP Nursery Container Division is pleased to be implementing an inclusive program to recycle used HDPE containers. This ambitious program will be a big plus for both the grower and our environment. Our container recycling program is an opportunity for nurserymen to remove used/unusable containers from the nursery site avoiding clogging our landfills, dumping charges, and freight costs, while earning valuable purchase credit. Program Guidelines The containers can only be the blow molded HDPE, which is the #2 recycle logo.

Because foreign material can cause havoc in our grinders, it is important that the containers be clean. This can be accomplished by lightly rinsing or wiping the interior of the pot with rags or brushes. This will remove any sand, bark, fertilizer particles, etc.
It is essential for the containers to be palletized to accommodate handling ease and shipping efficiency. Please note that each pallet height needs to be at least 100 inches but cannot exceed 106 inches.

A full truckload of containers coming to HPP is essential for our program’s success. Therefore, the minimum pick-up is one-half of a truckload, usually 12 pallets. Coordination or partnering with a nearby nursery will be extremely beneficial for logistics.
HPP will arrange and pay for the freight charges from your nursery to our facility. It is important that loading take place in a timely manner to avoid any trucking detention charges, which HPP can not bear responsibility. We will extend a $100.00 per ton credit to your nursery to be used against future container purchases.

Once your containers have arrived at our facility, we will evaluate your used pots for cleanliness, material uniformity, and weight. Credits will be issued at this time. In order for us to continue and expand the program, it is again essential, that the containers arriving at Haviland for reprocessing are collated, clean, and palletized on a well loaded truck. It is important to secure (by banding, stretch wrapping, etc.), the containers to the pallets for safety reasons and movement ease. For questions, guidance and logistical help, all of HPP’s field representatives are ready, willing, and able to assist you in any aspect of this process.

Here at HPP, we are not viewing this important program as a profit center for either of us, but rather as an opportunity, with both of us in partnership, to become even more proactive as a green industry. With successful trials already behind us, we are confident that with full attention from both of us, this eco beneficial project will be a winner for all, especially our environment. The landfill reduction and energy savings per recycled load are very impressive and will make a big difference.